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快三计划软件手机版下载 上海中外運船務代理有限公司是中外運華東股份有限公司的下屬子公司。作為中國最大最有經驗的專業船務代理公司之一,我們以多年的專業經驗,和極具競爭力的價格,為客戶提供細致周到、物超所值的船舶代理服務。長期以來,我們利用先進的信息系統和規范的操作流程來保證各項代理服務的順利進行,并不斷開拓創新,提高工作效率。再加之母公司在中國貨運代理行業的領先地位,以及于2003年在香港證交所掛牌上市后,在國際融資市場樹立的良好形象和強大的資金支持,使我們可以切實做到以豐富的服務品種和個性化的服務特色來滿足客戶隨時隨地的最新需求。



Brief introduction:

China Marine Shipping Agency Shanghai Co., Ltd is the subsidiary company of Sinotrans Eastern Company limited. As one of the largest and most experienced professional shipping agency in China, we endeavor to render our clients the thoughtful and beneficial shipping agency service, supported by rich expertise and competitive price. Over the past two decades, we have utilized the advanced information system and the normative operational process to ensure all the business's smooth conduction and to enhance the working efficiency with exploration and innovation spirit. And backed up by our parent company's leading position in the domestic forwarding market, we have wined the good image and powerful capital support in the international financing market specially since Sinotrans listed in Hong Kong's stock market in 2003, which enables us to provide various and customeralized service to meet the clients' changing demands.

At the same time, we have established the long-term and stable relationship with the local government and some relative port administrations to confirm your business's successful development and help you luster in the heated competition. Base on more than 20 years' experience in the professional circle, Sinoagent has trained a team of accomplished staff, who are qualified to provide the clients' comprehensive and thoughtful service both in operation and marketing. We also through continuous training programs to keep our staff be competent for both the hands-on and the theoretical knowledge to satisfy our clients' different kinds of demands. We are convinced the concept of "Service creates value". The client's satisfaction is our persistent pursue. Over the past twenty years, we have made great efforts to render our clients first-class service. Our slogan is " quality first, client's satisfaction, concrete attitude and high-efficiency, continuous improvement". Meanwhile, we have take "service orientation and customer orientation" as the core of our management tenet and strategy planning.



A. Husbanding

  • Notify local port officials concerning vessels'arrival and arrange berths for vessel send by the PRINCIPAL.
  • Arrange entry and clearance of the vessel complying with all applicable port regulations.
  • Arrange payment of port charges and any dues payable in respect of the vessel.
  • Arrange the supply of fuel, water, provisions and ship's stores.
  • Arrange ship's repairs required.
  • Furnish the PRINCIPAL with information relative to vessel's movement and such other operational matters.
  • Assist with arrangements for the crew including repatriation and medical treatment etc.
  • Other customary husbanding services as required and instructed by the PRINCIPAL.

B. Solicitation and Cargo Handling:

  • Solicit and book cargo for the PRINCIPAL.
  • Issue Bills of Lading and other similar and necessary documents to the shippers according to customary practice.

C. Arrange stevedoring, terminal and other cargo operations.

  • Arrange advertising and issue sailing schedule as requested by the PRINCIPAL.
  • Issue delivery order against original Bills of Lading or in accordance with instructions of the PRINCIPAL.
  • In case of space available, to provide the PRINCIPAL with notice of prospective cargo soonest prior to vessel's arrival at the port.
  • Perform any other miscellaneous and necessary services connected with the foregoing and normally performed by ship's agent.



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